Daisy, The Gollum of The Hateful Eight

Daisy, The Gollum of The Hateful Eight

When we try to picture Gollum from The Lord of The Rings, what surfaced first is their raw, strange character that’s somehow memorable. There are not a lot of characters like that in the world, and yet Jennifer Jason Leigh managed to project such characteristics perfectly through Daisy in The Hateful Eight.

Detestably Memorable
All the main characters of the movie are detestable – that’s why the film is named “The Hateful Eight” anyway. However, just like many of Tarantino’s work, those characters are as memorable as much as they are detestable. One of those characters, and most notable too, is Daisy.

As you should’ve known, Daisy is played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, a legendary actress who mostly appears on romance movies. The Hateful Eight is a true opposite of romance films, which is why Leigh’s role has the charm with gravity as heavy as the black hole.

Just as how USA Today mentioned the role, Daisy is indeed the key MVP of The Hateful Eight. Throughout the movie, Daisy accepted abuse from Ruth with a toothless grin and sneers here and there until she gets on everyone’s bad side. Her personality is so raw and wild you will be reminded of Gollum – you had enough of her, and yet you want to see more of her.

The Wings of Freedom From Tarantino
Leigh’s is indeed a talented actress, but the true reason she managed to portray Daisy in such a detestable way is none other than Quentin Tarantino himself. On an interview with Variety, it was mentioned that Tarantino and Leigh read the last chapter of the script together.
“It was funny because they sent me the script except for the last chapter.” Leigh said, “And when I got there, he gave me the last chapter.”Given that Leigh is a shy person, Daisy’s long monologue in the last chapter daunted her. Tarantino lift this burden away by sitting down and reading the missing script together and make it enjoyable. “He just sees you and what you”re capable of. That’s such a blessing, and it really made me remember who I was as an actress; I just had forgotten.” She mentioned to The Guardian

As Leigh usually appears on romance movies, it’s no wonder that her role as Daisy may feel like an awakening slap to many. And that’s how Leigh feels as well; so much that she feels Daisy made her remember who she was as an actress.

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