See Wyoming after Civil War with Gore Slashes in The Hateful Eight

Gore Slashes in The Hateful Eight

Do you want to see American history without the haunting sleepiness of documentaries? Well, though it’s not made in purpose to retell history, The Hateful Eight is one of Quentin Tarantino’s movie that’s able to tell the underlying issues of America in history the fun way.

Violent, Just Like The Old Days

Who came up with the idea that the old days were peaceful and uneventful? While they might be quieter as the world’s population hasn’t reached billions and news reached people in the span of days instead of minutes, the past was violent. This is shown very well in The Hateful Eight, as the time post-Civil War was chosen as the setting and the characters themselves are intensely violent.

Spoiler alert from bandar bola; the story consisted of eight detestable main characters who pull each other into bloodbaths. Beside the segregation during the Civil War, The Hateful Eight also show a though-provoking condition of black racism in America by the purging of former people occupying Minnie’s Haberdashery by the Domergue gang.

However, this conflict will only be revealed later after Mannix and Warren found it after veils of mysteries. And just as how the song “There Won’t Be Many Coming Home” played at the end of the movie, there indeed not many characters survived the bloodbath of the hateful eight.

The Sides of the Civil War, Shown Directly In Front Of You

Just in case you don’t know who fought who in Civil War, this movie shows you both of the sides: the Confederacy and the Union (or, to put it simply, the South and North.) These sides are represented by four characters who directly shared history with the war. The Union is represented by John Ruth, a lawman, and Major Marquis Warren. The opposing side is presented by Chris Mannix ‘The Future Sheriff of Red Rock’ and General Sandy Smithers.

Why are these sides important? Well, even though the setting takes several years after the Civil War itself, barters made the hateful eight’s Civil War enmities reawakened. In fact, the bloodbath only started to happen after the characters clear themselves out on the sides, as they started to create and cross alliances.

Yes, it’s a gory and comical movie, but so is America post-Civil War. Even when we are learning history through eight detestable characters, the violence and revealing mysteries forced our mind to be educated on American issues while enjoying this fictional bloodbath.

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