The Hateful 8: Facts About Actors

2015 left little choice of good movie, but thankfully The Hateful 8 was released to save the year. Even before its release, this movie was the most expected one among movie lovers. One big factor was the producer behind the movie, Tarrantino. Another important factor is set of actors, who have quite unique story regarding their characters.

A Little Conflict

There was rumors that this film almost cannot make it to the screen. Well, it was totally true. In order to be able to surprise audiences, the script should be kept in secret, even after script reading by the actors. Tarrantino had come into similar problem before, but he didn’t have any intention to pursue the culprits.

Many people made assumption then. One of the most pointed suspects was the cast. They were the only ones who brought a copy of script. In this movie, there were lots of stunts participating. Actors and actresses might hand these stuntmen the script and then leaked its content.

Switching Roles

Looking closely at the actors, almost half of the main characters had been working with Tarrantino in his previous works. In this case, people might think that he already knew them well enough and took no time to assign them to their roles. Well, this was not the case for The Hateful 8.

In fact, several roles appeared a little bit different from what writers had expected. For example, the role of Daisy Domergue fit more to younger actress. Several names had been proposed, but it ended up in much older actress’ hand. Some popular actors were also appealed, but sadly their schedule cannot match.

Tons of actors could fit the action-thriller movie, but Tarrantino had different opinion in mind. He was not new in producing these kinds of movies. Several familiar faces could be seen on the screen, along with some new additions on the side. Lucky for them to set everything and start the production on time.

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