The Hateful Eight – Tarantino’s Detestable Eight Masterpiece

Tarantino's Detestable Eight Masterpiece

Quentin Tarantino is well known for his gory masterpieces. However, among the famous galore of his works, The Hateful Eight is one of the movies that gets mixed ratings. Something about the array of gore, humour, and pointless dialogues made this movie engaging’ so much that it’s detestable.

Once Upon a Time in Wyoming, winter 1870s’
The setting of The Hateful Eight laid in wintry Wyoming, the early 1870s at the end of the Civil War. However, the film itself doesn’t show many scenes of Wyoming or Civil war. In fact, most parts of the film happen in Minnie’s Haberdashery, a cold pub, with the owner Minnie nowhere in sight.
After the hateful eight met each other in the bar, things go downhill fast. Deals were made, curse words are thrown here and there, mysteries revealed, shooting happens, and death was inevitable. Just as how Tarantino always rolls, there are many scenes that are shown more than it’s necessarily shown. Yet, it managed to not be boring at all.

So Gory The Plot Got Twisted
If The Hateful Eight follows the style of all Tarantino’s movie, then how come it’s not boring? Well, people who are not seeing bloodbath would think that there may be no other entertainment in the movie. Yes, this movie even follows the same Tarantino template where a striking monologue it placed to end the movie. But that’s not all – there are mysteries, a major plot twist, and a relatable issue for today’s agen sbobet society.
Spoiler alert; the main antagonist will appear on the second half of the story and sweep the whole plot to jeopardy (as if it isn’t a mess already.) Seriously – there doesn’t even any hint of this character to appear that people can’t help to be surprised, especially with the fact that the appearance doesn’t feel forced at all. And of course, more blood bath will follow this twist.

That aside, please watch this movie with an open mind. After all, there are a lot of violent elements other than gore in this movie. “N” word often mentioned in the dialogues and there’s a sex scene that’s supposed to be a comical rape joke, which is not for everyone.
The Hateful Eight indeed lives to its name – the eight characters have all the character to be detestable. However, detestable characters don’t equal bad storytelling. In fact, The Hateful Eight successfully combine hateful elements into a story people can love’ and hate themselves for loving it.

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