Western Touch In The Hateful 8 Movie

Starting from the opening scene, western atmosphere was thick and clear. It was as if the audiences being pulled back in dessert train where cowboy lived long time ago. Western style movie was not new anymore, but some had failed in delivering the concept as a whole. What did Tarrantino do to spice up his?

New Genre

At least it was for Tarrantino. Tracing Tarrantino’s previous works, it was clear that he only had one western movie. The title was Django Unchained. However, it received compliments and huge applause from both critics and audiences. Many thought that this was just a beginnerÕs luck. Well, it didnÕt seem like it. Tarrantino was just as skillful as he was.

There was a belief among producers that once they fell into western production, they had to make at least three films. Following this train of thought, Tarrantino was already making his second with The Hateful 8, a western movie with action thriller genre.

A Worthy Work

When the audiences watched the movie, they canÕt help but mesmerized by the soundtrack. For Hateful 8, every music was composed by Morricone. He gained popularity after his excellent works were used in several Western box office movie. One of them was Once Upon A Time in the West.

In terms of plot, Tarrantino seemed to have problem cutting scenes, so he ended up with more than three hours long movie. He broke the record of his previous movie, Django Unchained. As audiences could see, these works were worth to see, as three hours passed in a blink.

Although Tarrantino had little experience about typical western touch, he got experienced people on his back. The composer built perfect background music and the special effect gave last touch to Hateful 8 movie. No wonder, audiences already expecting next Tarrantino ‘ s movie.

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